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Do you know How Your FEGLI Works?

A common question we receive on a daily basis from federal employees is how does my FEGLI Plan work? One major hurdle federal employees must over come with their benefits program is trying to obtain information on what their benefits are. Sometimes calls to their in-house agency representative can go unreturned and it can be tough to get someone on the phone at OPM so Federal Retirement Experts was put together as a resource for folks to come to and find answers in a clear, concise manner. Federal employees and their families can call our # to speak with a representative if they need more clarification on what is posted on our site or for a free consultation.


The FEGLI Plan works as a step term life insurance program, what I mean by that is the death benefit is determined by the multiplier of your annual income you choose during open season and the price will increase every 5 years. So picture a flight of stairs or the picture below and each step is an increment of 5 yrs so the price will remain level then jump up as you get older.

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This can can cause serious monetary strains on folks reaching or in retirement as the cost of insurance with FEGLI past age 50 is much higher compared to the same policy on the private market. We just had a gentleman call us yesterday because he was told his FEGLI was a decreasing term policy he was required to keep into retirement. We showed him the numbers if he was to keep his FEGLI over the next 20yrs compared to a private market level term policy he would pay an additional $100,000 for the same insurance. We don’t feel that it is fair when people are told incorrect information that will cost them $100,000 so feel free to contact us for a FEGLI vs Private market comparison and lets see how much money you will save over the next 20 years?